Book Recommendation



Foundations of lighting technology and perceptual psychology
for architects and lighting designers


An efficient, economic and ecological lighting design constitutes both a substantial component of an accomplished new construction and an essential starting point for restorations. Practitioners with an interest in lighting technology and perceptual psychology have so far had to research into both areas separately.

In  LICHT. SEHEN. GESTALTEN.  Dr. phil. Walter Witting connects both subject areas in one book. An entire chapter is dedicated to the phenomenon of colour.

Dr. phil. Walter Witting is a long-time companion of the LIGHT-INNOVATIV GmbH.
His standard work  LICHT. SEHEN. GESTALTEN.  was published in September 2014. A Swiss specialist journal for architecture and light named this book the “Bible of Light”.

You can find the book  LICHT. SEHEN. GESTALTEN.  here:
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